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Meaningful Changes Counseling provides a range of treatment and therapy  to clients in Palm Beach County, Florida. Our approaches are designed to promote healing and recovery.

joshua weaver

Joshua Weaver 

                                                    LMHC MCAP RRT EMDR CTTS CHT

Joshua Weaver is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida and is a certified master’s level addiction professional. He obtained his master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.

As a childhood cancer survivor who has experienced numerous relapses when he was three to twelve years old, Joshua surely knows something about overcoming obstacles and trauma. That’s why he decided to get into this particular field of behavioral sciences. He graduated in 2010 then undertook further training to become a psychotherapist and certified trauma specialist.

In addition to his credentials as a mental health professional, Joshua has an extensive experience as a crisis interventionist, clinical supervisor, and program developer. Joshua is also a qualified supervisor in the state of Florida who oversees mental health counseling interns during their progression towards licensure.

His Approach

Joshua utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) to support clients in coping with the disturbances they are experiencing as a result of the traumatic events they have survived. These two techniques are the industry standard for addressing trauma.

Joshua’s primary therapeutic approach during traditional therapy sessions is drawn from the REBT method, which was founded by Albert Ellis. This approach supports the clients with identifying their irrational beliefs and changing them to facilitate their long-term change emotionally and behaviorally.

As a therapist, Joshua focuses on working with clients suffering from chronic relapse,mental health disorders, behavioral issues, PTSD, medical trauma, and severe traumatic histories such as grief and loss. He is also dedicated to helping victims and survivors of combat, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Experience Change on an Emotional Level

Our Mission and Vision

Our goal is to support survivors of traumatic events and help them manage the symptoms of their trauma.




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